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At Stellas Creamery & Cakes we believe that ice cream brings people together. So grab the people you cherish most, a cup or cone of one of our delicious flavors, and get ready; cause you’re in for a real treat!

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What is Custard?

Custard is a cold, creamy dessert made of milk, cream, sweetener, and egg yolks. The egg yolks in a custard recipe help the dessert retain a velvety, creamy texture even after freezing and differentiate it from eggless soft serve ice cream.

Like most successful businesses, our story begins with passion. A love for deliciously rich ice cream combined with the desire to share it with the world. Since 2021 we’ve been working hard to provide the highest quality flavors to all the ice cream lovers out there and we don’t plan on stopping till everyone’s gotten a taste.

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Stella's Premium Custard

(Gluten Free)

Choice of Vanilla/Chocolate/Twist

Flavor of the Week- *This changes weekly 

Kiddie / Small / Medium / Large

 Stella’s Premium Custard with Custom Flavor

Choose from Stella’s list of over 50 Custom Flavors




Banana Foster


Birthday Cake

Black Cherry 

Black Forest Cake

Black Raspberry



Bubble Gum

Butter Pecan



Chai Tea


Chocolate Banana

Chocolate Malt

Chocolate Orange 

Chocolate-Peanut Buttercup 


Cookies & Cream

Cotton Candy


Egg Nog



German Chocolate Cake



Irish Cream







Mint Chocolate Chip




Peanut Butter




Root Beer






Vanilla Malt

Stella’s Dole Whip

(Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan)

Choice of Flavor of the Week/Twist

Kiddie / Small / Medium / Large

List of Hard Ice Cream coming soon*

Specialty Sundaes

Choose from any of our 8 Stellar Sundaes

Regular or Supernova Size


Shortbread Cookies, Strawberry Topping, Caramel, Vanilla Custard, Whip Cream, Rainbow Sprinkles, and a Cherry on Top.

Peanut Butter Cup

Peanut butter cups, Hot Fudge, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Custard, Whip Cream, Nuts, and a Cherry on Top.

Churro Dreams

Churro Bites, Caramel, Hot Fudge, Twist Custard, Whip Cream, Nuts, and a cherry on top. 

Nice N’ Nutty

Nutella, Peanut Butter, Sliced Banana’s, Vanilla Custard, Whip Cream, Nuts, and a Cherry on Top. 

Fruity Pebble Delight

Fruity Pebble Cereal, Marshmallow Topping, Hot Fudge, Vanilla Custard, Whip Cream, Nuts, and a Cherry on Top.

Brownie Bliss

Brownie Pieces, Caramel, Hot Fudge, Twist Custard, Whip Cream, Nuts, and a Cherry on Top.

Apple Pie Sundae

Cinnamon Apple Topping, Crushed Graham Crackers, Caramel, Vanilla Custard, Whip Cream, Dust of Graham Crackers, and a Cherry on Top.

Build your own! 

Your Choice of 3 Toppings, Soft Serve, Whip Cream, Nuts, and a Cherry on Top.

Stella’s Fried Dough Sundae

 Choice of 3 Toppings, Choice of custard, Whip Cream, Nuts, Cherry, Served on a Freshly Fried Dough, and Topped with Powder Sugar.

Stella’s Classic Sundaes

Choose from any of our Classic Sundaes 

Each Sundae incudes Whip Cream, Nuts, and a Cherry on Top

Small / Medium / Large / Supernova

Hot Fudge                 Strawberry
Caramel                     Raspberry
Butterscotch              Blueberry
Pineapple                   Marshmallow
Peanut Butter             Nutella 
Apple                          Cherry

Stella’s Banana Split

Strawberry, Hot Fudge, Pineapple Topping with Chocolate, Vanilla, and Twist, Whip Cream, Nuts, and a Cherry on Top.

Stella’s Kid Sundaes

Unicorn Poo

Mini Rainbow Marshmallows, Nerds Candy, Sugar Eyeballs, Vanilla Custard, and a Marshmallow Horn.

The Sandbox

Graham Cracker Crumbs, Gummy Starfish, Gummy Sharks, Vanilla Custard, and a shovel spoon.

The Double Play

Your choice of one liquid or candy topping, choice of Custard, Whip Cream, Sprinkles, and a Cherry on Top, served in a Baseball Cap.

Stella’s Frozen Treats

Chocolate Chip Cookie Custard Ice Cream Sandwich
Chocolate Wafer Sandwich or order a pack of 6 
Face Pop/ Novelty Popsicle

Dog Friendly Treats

Frosty Paws
Dog Wiches or order a dozen and stick them in your freezer 
Cup of whipped cream & drizzle of peanut butter

Stella’s Flurries

Choice of Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Twist Custard

Choice of Candy topping

Regular (12oz) / Large(16oz)

List of Candies

Brownie                        Butterfinger

Cheesecake Bites        Chocolate Chips

Coconut Shreds           Cookie Dough

Cupcake                       Gummy Bears

Heath Bar                     Kit Kat

Mini Marshmallows      Graham Crumbs

M&M                             Nerds

Nestle Crunch              Oreo

Peanut Brittle               Peanut Butter Cup

Pop Rocks                    Reese’s Pieces

Shortbread Bites         Snickers

Twix                             Waffle Cone Crunch                        

Whopper Maltballs


Stella’s Shave Ice

Shave Ice with your choice of up to 3 flavors served in a flower cup and topped with Sweet Cream Topping

List of Shave Ice Flavors

Banana                  Blue Raspberry    Cherry
Coconut                Grape                   Guava
Lychee                   Mango                 Orange Pineapple  
Papaya                  Pina Colada         Pineapple
Tiger’s Blood        Watermelon         Kiwi                      
Hawaiian Punch    Lemon                 Lemon- Lime
Orange                  Peach

Stella’s Shakes & Floats

Small(16oz) / Medium(20oz) / Large(32oz)

Chocolate        Strawberry

Vanilla               Coffee

Peanut Butter

Or choose from any of our 50+ custom flavors!

Chocolate Malt (+$.50)

Vanilla Malt (+ $.50) 

Cookies n’ Cream Shake (+$.50)

Choose your choice of Soda and custard for your Float.

Stella’s Slushies

Your choice of our weekly flavor (12oz)
Nerds or Gummy Bear Slushie (12oz)
Avalanche Slushie (Topped with Choice of Custard) (12oz)

Stella’s Extras

Because we all could use a little extra :)

Waffle Cone

Sugar Cone

Specialty Cone ( Waffle cone dipped in chocolate with Rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles or Oreos) 


Extra Cherries (x3)

Whip Cream

Additional Sundae/Candy Topping

Cone Dip

List of Cone dips 

Blue Raspberry




Peanut Butter

Stella’s Food Menu

Combo #1- Hamburger Meal- Small fry, Can of Soda 

Combo #2 -Chicken Sandwich Meal- small fry, Can of Soda 

Combo #3- Hot Dog Meal- 2 hot dogs small fry, Can of Soda 

Combo #4- Fish Fry Meal- Small Fry, Pickled Veggies, Can of Soda

Kids Meal- Choice of hot dog or chicken nuggets(x5) with smiley fries and Can of Soda 


Hot Dog                         Chili  Hot Dog

Footlong Dog                Footlong Chili Dog

Popcorn Chicken           Nachos & Cheese 

Chili Cheese Nachos    Hamburger

Cheeseburger.              Chicken Sandwich

Clam Fry                        Fish Fry

Chicken Fingers


French Fries

Regular / Large

Cheese Fries

Regular / Large

Chili Cheese Fries

Regular / Large

Fried Pickles                   Mozzarella Sticks

Mac & Cheese Bites      Onion Rings

Pickled Veggies (4oz)

Churros (X2) per order

Fried Dough with powdered sugar 


12oz Can Soda

Bottled Water

Custom Custard Ice Cream Cakes

8in (Feeds 8-12) $45.00

10in (Feeds 18-25) $55.00

Note that we do need 48hours notice for custom cakes

Please send us an email at for our order form

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